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Natural remedies for belly bloat and gas, herbs shaped as a heart
cinnamon dandelion root digestion diy healthy living herbal remedy herbal tea herbalism holistic health loose leaf marshmallow leaf mind-gut connection peppermint plant medicine rest wellness

Natural Remedies for Digestion and to Bust the Belly Bloat Post-Thanksgiving

By Laura Rubin

Thanksgiving: a sure way to get belly bloat. There are many natural gut-friendly options that are great for supporting digestion, easing gas and feeling less...

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Mindfulness Soothing the mind-gut connection
digestion diy herbalism holistic health mind-gut connection mindfulness practical tools rest sleep slowing down stillness

An Opportunity to Slow Down

By Laura Rubin

What if I told you that you can accomplish your goals by slowing down? What would it feel like if you actually took more breaks? Here...

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