Herbal Teas and Plant Remedies



You are the expert of your own body. It’s time that you get to nurture it!

Whether you're seeking more energy or rest, enjoy our small-batch herbal remedies that empower you to have agency over your health & energize your mind and body.

Enhance your Daily Rituals

Herbal Wisdom with a Purpose

In the beginning there were … plants! They adapted all these incredible properties that are excellent for humans. This is the knowledge of every civilization. This is how people healed for centuries.

It’s time to reclaim our roots.

Herbal wisdom is with us. And it feels good.

Organic and Wildcrafted

Our herbs are ethically sourced from the highest quality farms and local whenever possible.

Small-batch plant remedies

Handcrafted through time-honored practices that value freshness over mass production.