Create an Herbal Spa Bath

Create an Herbal Spa Bath

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The Bathhouse is a common focal-point for many cultures, dating back to even the Neolithic age. They’re known to help detoxify and bring rejuvenation. And are genuinely fun. Yet sadly it’s not much of a thing in the US. Now it’s time to bring it straight to your tub!

Herbal bath with flowers taken from the Tea TreeHouse

Use herbs that are emollients (aka soothing and good for the skin) and promote relaxation. 3 great herbs that we love are Calendula, Lavender and Rose. Not only do these herbs soothe and protect the skin, but they have great properties such as being antiseptic or Rose that’s high in Vitamin C. You can also get Eucalyptus leaves to hang from the shower head or adorn around the tub. This gives a wonderful minty aroma that opens the sinuses.

You’ll easily find these at a local herb shop. We’re also happy to send you some! Simply reach out in a comment below.

Then you’ll want to put a drain guard in your tub or use a muslin drawstring bag, at least 4”x6”, to hold the herbs. Why? Because while this tub above looks beautiful, it can be a bit messy to clean up.

Fill the tub with hot water with the bag of herbs sitting under the faucet (you can tie the string to the faucet). This helps it infuse, just like you’d infuse tea. Feel free to sprinkle some herbs in the tub too.

Bath salts are great for cleansing the skin. Rub in a circular pattern on wet skin to encourage circulation and blood flow. We like to make ours with a Rose and Eucalyptus infused jojoba oil. This is wonderful for nourishing the body and doesn’t clog pores.

A great bath is all about vibes.

Romance yourself, make it fun! Light candles, bring in a table lamp for mood lighting, flip on a relaxing playlist. We highly recommend the radio based on Ashana’s song Hymn. Really, a lot of possibilities.

Enjoy your herbal spa experience!


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