The Intention around Nurture's Design

The Intention around Nurture's Design

Posted by Laura Rubin on

What does it mean to be nurtured? How can we tap into what our body truly needs? Is nurturing soft or is it something that can be much more powerful? These are concepts that I constantly think about. 

Nurture is Connection

When I first thought of the name Nurture for this business, it grew from the idea that self-care develops through a sense of deep connection. 

Connection to our bodies.
Connection to the Earth.
Connection to others.

Herbalism has this magical power to help us feel good. It is a very powerful connection with plants.

The image for Nurture that danced in my mind were hands embracing each other, pointing upwards in a movement of power and happiness. This is a feeling that says "yes, I got this!" The base of the hands would be flowing out with herbal flowers, rising from Mother Earth.

And that's how the illustration came to be for Nurture.

Nurture and illustration logo

Nurture is Empowerment

One definition of Nurture is "to care for and encourage the growth or development". This is a very powerful act when we can do it for ourselves. Nurture is empowering.

Nurture is Strength 

I knew that I wanted the letters of the logo to feel natural and bold at the same time. To be able to Nurture yourself requires strength. It requires the capacity to say no to old habits that no longer serve you. And say YES to the beautiful possibilities ahead. This takes time. Herbalism - as a practice - embraces being patient and aware of the healing process. That's one of the reasons I love it so much.

Nurture is Colorful

The color pallet of Nurture is inspired by the colors of the sunset and Earth. Light and dark blues, dusty pink, and golden yellow. It's important that this feel natural and give a sense of joy. 

Nurture group pack shot

Nurture is Evolving

I partnered with designer Mira Djordjevic to bring these designs and packaging to life. There were a LOT of iterations on it. That concept did not come immediately. It grew and evolved, just as we grow and evolve.

I hope that this inspires a sense of joy in you. And may you remember to nurture yourself when things are feeling rough. Perhaps all you need is a cup of herbal tea.

With light,
Laura, Herbalist and Founder of Nurture

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