Poetry: Pura Vida

Poetry: Pura Vida

Posted by Laura Rubin on

This is a call to slowing down and loving the abundance found in stillness! I wrote it after a wonderful experience while training as a Flower Essences Practitioner in Costa Rica.

Pura Vida 

How beautiful that in stillness 

we find 


The medicine is everywhere, it’s flowing, it’s among us.



Listen and you will feel the rhythm of your heart expanding from your chest.

Listen and you will hear the wild dreams of the wind’s sweet breath.

Listen and you will feel the richest mud, Pacha Mama’s deep embrace. 


Listen and you will create elixirs from tears that stream down your face.

Listen and you will see your inner light dance, shining all around.

Listen and you will hear your voice sing the most sacred sounds. 


Listen, listen to the cries for love and share your love freely. 

Listen with intention, 

as this listening 

liberates your mind more clearly. 

Listening is transformation, a reflection of the spirit tribe that you hold dearly.  


Listen to your vibrational energy!

Reclaim your sight’s memory.


Remember the ancient wisdom you already knew.

This inner wisdom is


there for you. 


How beautiful!

In stillness …


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