How to Make Loose Leaf Tea

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It's 100% valid to ask this question. Check out these tips below!

Tea vs. Herbal Infusions

To note, herbal teas are actually herbal infusions. Tea is specially from the plant Camellia sinensis and there are a few varieties of this. That includes black, dark, white, green, yellow & oolong 🍵. Everything else is herbal or plant-based goodness🌱! Yet people generally call it all tea. So here are easy tips:

Tips for Brewing Tea

✅ Get an infuser aka strainer that can sit in the cup and put about 2 tsps (or large pinches) of herbs per 8oz water

✅ Boil the water & pour over the strainer. Some teas do better with different temps - for example, Black Tea and Oolong you’ll want to be more at 200-210 degrees Fahrenheit whereas White Tea and Green Tea you’ll want closer to 175-185 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet if you’re unsure of the temp, a general boil is great to start

✅ Cover it! This is important because it keeps the essential oils in while you wait

✅ Steep for 7-10min. The longer infusion will be richer in flavor and more time to get the medicinal benefits

✅ Remove the lid & enjoy 🍵

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