In 2017 I began my official training as an Herbalist. Today, I am a member of the American Herbalists Guild and the President of the local AHG NYC Chapter. I hold certificates in Trauma-informed Healing from the herbal clinical perspective, and in Bioregional Materia Medica.

My commitment is to be a supportive ally in your wellness journey. Whether you're seeking more energy or rest, our small-batch herbal formulas help invigorate your mind-gut connection

Plant Medicine is amazing. This is something you can easily dose, splash or add into your favorite beverage or meal.

Consider Nurture to be your sommelier of herbal teas and wonders. You can trust that you're getting incredibly high quality herbs from sustainable farms. In fact, we privilege the quality of ingredients in our small-batch formulas over mass production. Each blends is intentionally selected for freshness and integrity. Enjoy the robust aroma of our teas, blends and elixirs that dance on tongue.

Your health journey is beautiful. And Nurture is here to support it through the power of plant medicine. Let's tap into its wisdom together!

-Laura, Founder and Herbalist